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3rd Time's A Charm, Right?!

3rd Time's A Charm, Right?!

They say, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.  Well actually Coco Chanel said it but that’s beside the point.  I’ve gone down this old beaten path twice before and even though those previous two times were epic fails (in my personal opinion), I yet again decided to go for the gusto and cut my hair down to it’s natural roots.  While I wasn't really in the midst of some big life change or crisis, I was antsy to get back to my rebellious hair days. 


This go round I cut gradually before I flat out big-chopped. I already had a relaxed pixie cut with a super long bang. This was the first cut from 4-5ish years of natural growth from the last go round. Then I cut the bang and majority of my relaxed hair for a taper cut and used perm rods to blend my ends that were still sticking out like sore thumbs in relation to the rest of my hair. Then one day I showed up for my regular salon appointment and said “to hell with it, just cut it down to the naps”.  THEN SHOCK SET IN!

original chop.jpeg


I mean I’ve always been told I look like my dad, but LORDT I REALLY looked like my dad that day! I wasn’t ready like I thought I was. And as soon as I left the salon and made a bee-line for the nearest beauty supply store to cash out on hair products that some of my girlfriends shared with me that were working for them this go round. I also grabbed a sponge, pick, and a fresh water bottle.  I was already using my hair supplement so the hair growth was not as slow as usual, but I knew I had to be prepared or I’d end up at home glued to you tube trying to undo what I just did…AGAIN!  Or I’d be slapping on one of my custom Canvas Girl wigs that I’d had made for my “Sasha Fierce” moments.


After a group text convo about a week ago with some of my other natural sisters it dawned on me that a big chop is by no means the easiest way to go.  Super liberating though!  I was dying laughing at some of our old pics from previous chops, grow outs, heat damaged ends, and 80 different curl patterns trying to live our best lives with what our ancestors gave us.  It was/is always a struggle but thank God for growth…literally! Along with you tube, Insta, and all of the other platforms that give us access and exposure to so many tips, tools, tricks, and products that we’d never see living in our own little bubbles.


flirty chop.jpeg

So for the girls trying to reclaim your curl patterns, big chopping, re-chopping, going heat free, or even relaxed and stretching out the chemical use, cheers to you!  I can honestly say that this 3rd time has been amazing and very invigorating.  I’ve always been partial to my short cuts, but being so free and unchained from the straight hair norms of society has been pure LIFE!  Finding the right products, giving myself styling grace and patience, and 2 amazing barbers (because a girl needs a crispy line) has given me a little extra “umph” for this new chapter in my life.

Allow me to leave you with a few tips I've found helpful along the way:

1. Always take pictures. Sometimes it's hard to tell you're growing (especially if you have major shrinkage and/or tight curls or coils. Visually documenting it will help your mental well being when you're wanting to check your length.

2. Ask your girlfriends what they did and what they used. In every struggle in life you're never alone. Someone has walked in those same shoes, even if it's just hair. And 9 times out of 10, they have a cabinet full of products you can try that didn't work for them. All hair is not created equal and most curly girls have a deep stash. Just saying.

3. Give yourself grace. The first time you do your own (or have a professional do it) finger coil, twist out, bantu knots, sponge, shingling method, etc. it has the strong potential to NOT go the way it went for the YouTube beauty with the face that's beat for the gawds. Cry, phone a friend, then try it again. 

4. Find a protective style that works for you if you don't have the patience for experimenting, but don't let anyone snatch your edges out! PLEASE! If so, call me. I've gone through that to! 

5. Be sure to subscribe so I can personally invite you to my next product swap link up.  I have a few products that didn't work for me that I need to unload and I'm sure you might too! :-)

Enjoy a few of my horrid throwback chop pics below that my girlfriends and I chuckled about last week.



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